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Bukit Lawang-Mount Leuser National Park

In 2012 the owners of Bukit Lawang Leuser Jungle began extensive renovations which were completed (mostly!) in March 2014. The new building was built by local craftsmen using a combination of wood and stones to create a very light and airy open plan space which has amazing views of the rainforest.

The guest rooms at Bukit Lawang leuser Jungle were built in September 2014 and are nestled amongst the treetops on the hill behind the restaurant. The trees are often visited by long tail macaques (close your doors and windows!) and Thomas leaf monkeys (check out their haircuts) . All rooms have:
- Large balconies with brilliant views of the rainforest. - -- Comfortable beds with mosquito nets (beds made in situ by local craftsmen from black bamboo).
- Individually designed bathrooms with …a view of the rainforest (western style toilet).

Pool Table – Book Swap – Art Gallery – Teach English to local kids – Live Music Play Guitar or Bongo – Chillout Zone (great views, hammocks and cushions etc).

"Conservation Corner” We have a collection of photos, nature books, factsheets, scientific journal articles etc. Why not learn a bit about the amazing wildlife of GLNP over a beer or fruit juice. The wall is decorated with orangutan facts and collages made by next doors kids. It’s a work in progress so come along and draw/paint/ a rainforest inspired picture for our gallery! (see orangutan and wildlife webpages for further info).

Bukit Lawang Leuser Jungle is also a great base to explore the local area:

- It’s a short walking distance to other cafes and guest houses – check them out.
- Swim in the beautiful Bohorok river (ask us to show you the best spots).
- Join in a game of football down at the camp ground, every day 4 – 6pm.
- Try local fast food at a ‘Warung ‘ (food stall).
- Go shopping and buy a souvenier at one of the gift shops down river


Leuser Jungle is in the heart of Bukit Lawang village, overlooking the Bohorok river with amazing views of the rainforest, easy access to Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP) and only 10 minutes from the orangutan feeding platform. Whatever you want to do Leuser Jungle is the perfect base for you.

Trek in wild tropical rainforest and search for endangered wildlife.
Learn traditional jungle survival skills.
Take a guided walk and explore local culture.
Focus on birdspotting or wildlife photography.

Because of the unique backgrounds and experience of the Leuser Jungle team we can help you experience the wildlife and culture in a way that’s not possible with the conventional travel companies. Whether you are an independent traveller, a group of friends or you are planning a unique holiday for a special occasion (honeymoon, wedding anniversary, birthday gift etc), we can help you organise a trip that’s right for you and your budget. We also specialise in family orientated activities where the whole family can learn about and experience the wonder of the forest together.

As an area of outstanding natural beauty and exceptional levels of biodiversity, the tropical rainforests of GLNP have been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO.

 The forest habitat is very important for conservation and if you are lucky you could see the tallest flower in the world Amorphphophalus titanium, the smelliest flower in the world Rafflesia arnoldii, the remarkable Great argus pheasant, the Thomas leaf monkey (only found in North Sumatra) and, of course, the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan and Sumatran tiger.

Join us at Leuser Jungle and have the trip of a lifetime Without having to spend your life savings!

MAP of Bukit Lawang Leuser National Park

Firstly, you need to get to Sumatra and it is quite easy. The best airports to fly into are Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Jakarta. From either of those three it is then a short flight over to Polonia International airport in Medan, North Sumatra. Some airlines and travel agents, such as Malaysia, will book you tickets for your entire journey but another and perhaps cheaper option is to arrange your flight to Medan yourself. Air Asia flights can be booked online and are pretty cheap.NB Air Asia are now doing international flights from London Stanstead to Kuala LumpurOnce you are in Medan you then need to get to Bukit Lawang and there are a number of options which vary in terms of cost, comfort and adventure!We can arrange private transport and meet you at the airport or your hotel. Much the easiest, straightforward and comfortable option. (approx £50 return)We can meet you at the airport / hotel and travel back with you to Bukit Lawang on public transport. (approx £20 but may vary depending of time of day).You can make your own way to Bukit Lawang on public transport. We will provide you with a detailed set of instructions (which do include the location of a secret lovely clean toilet very close to the bus stop in Medan!)Medan is a busy, hectic city and can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not used to Asian citys. If you need to spend any time overnight there we can recommend a variety of hotels and places to eat and shop. There are western style shopping malls with outlets such as Quiksilver,& Mango so you could pick up some bargains.Drop us an email and we will advise you on the best options to fit your schedule.

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Bukit lawang is the name a village situated in northern sumatera on the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park. “Gunung” means “mountain”, “Bukit” means “hill” and “Lawang” means “door” or “gate” and therefore, “Bukit Lawang” means ” The Hill which is the Gateway to the Mountain.”
Bukit Lawang is aproximately three hours drive from Medan and its main attraction are informal accommodations, scenery, the clear, swift running, Bahorok River and the Orangutan centre run by the park staff.
MOUNT LEUSER NATIONAL PARK Bahorok is only small part of the 1,094 square kilometer or 1,094,962 hectare of Mt. Leuser National Park. The magnificent rainforest of thus park Orangutan and Raflesia the Largest flower in the world. The park is inhabited by animals like the Great Argus Pheasant, elephant, Sumateran Tiger , and as many as seven species of primates on of which is Siamang which has an impressive, far-reaching vocal display. The agile and pretty face Thomas leaf-monkey and long tailed macaques are also commonly seen. In total the park lists 285 species of bird, 90 of mammals, reptiles and 35 of amphibians. The park-flora contains some 3500 plant species and on each hectare of the lowland forest you can find amazing 60-13 tree species.

Geologically there are several limestone formation along the foothills of the mountains, some with the beautiful caves long ago these were coral reefs whics have since been uplited from the sea at rate of view millimeter per year by the process of colliding ocean floors and drifting continents. These infinitely slow collision and the enormous forces involved have led to the formation of high mountain and volcanic zones, Only some 1800 years ago, during glacial tomes, the peaks of the park Mt. Leuser, Mt Kemiri and other, were still covered by glaciers snow and ice sea level at that time was more than 80 m lower than at present and the island of sumatera, java, and Borneo then formed one huge land mass whisch was connected via Malaysia to the Asian Mainland.

Transportation Reguler bus to Medan every 15 minutes , our mini bus, leave at early 5.30 am. There is a car rental available too.

Feeding time start at 8 am and 3 pm every day. There 25 minutes walk of about 2 km from Bukit Lawang of the Orangutan station and than a short climb to the viewing centre. Get you permit from PHPA Office and bring your passport.
Permits are valid one day.

This cave is 2 km south of Bukit Lawang, just 25 minutes walk through the rubber plantation. There is short climbing before the entrance to the cave. Bring a flashlight for you safety.

Floating along the scenic Bahorok river , is about 12 Km and take 2-3 hours on an inflated tube. These can be rented at numerous location. Stop at the bridge and return to Bukit Lawang by public transport. Check the river conditions before tube-rafting down to the river. Tube rent for Rp 8000,- and public transport back to Bukit Lawang costs Rp 3000,- per person.

The tropical rainforest of Mt. Leuser National Park has many interesting option for places to camp in the jungle for one day or longer.
eg.1. After visiting Orangutan, trek through the jungle for there (3) hours back to hotel/guest house, EURO 15,- per person (minimum 3 person)
2. One day trek costs EURO 25,- per person (minimum 3 persons)
3. Two days trek costs EURO 50,- per person (minimum 3 persons)
4. Theree days EURO 75,- per person ( minimum 3 persons)
5. Four days EURO 100,- per person (minimum 3 person)
6. Five days EURO 125,- per person (minimum 3 persons)  

If you are interested in combining with traditional tube rafting you have to pay extra 10 Euro / Each. These are included : Meal, tent, guide fee, permit, into the jungle.

Spend a day or more Rafting down the WAMPU river on a rubber boat. It costs EURO 50 per person per day (minimum 3 persons)

From Bukit Lawang take a 2 hour ride to Tangkahan with motor bike, on the way you see a nice rural village and organize elephant riding trek for 1 or 2 hours , it costs EURO 60 per person.These are included : motor bike driver as your guide, gress Treck Activities.

Contact Person : ERU CAKRA : +6281361153649
E-mail :

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'Eru Cakra' if you need experience guide trekking to Bukit Lawang


Hi,,,,,there,,,,Welcome to Bukit Lawang. 

Bukit Lawang is a popular tourist destination located in the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to numerous bird, plan and mammalia species, most famously the Sumatran Orangutan, which can be seen in the jungle in Bukit Lawang as well as at the daily feedings. 

Apart from visits to the jungle, Bukit Lawang offers a relaxed atmosphere alongside the banks of the Bahorok river, with many guests staying for weeks or months on end.

About me:
My Name is Eru Cakra. I actually was the city but because of my love of the forest, made me stay in the forest. I was fifteen years exploring the forests. 

Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia/Indonesia Tourist Guide Association

I decided to become a guide anyone who is in love with the forest is my brother and let's together we preserve forests anyone who wants to explore the forests or when you need experience guide, I'm THE MAN the official one. You can contact me at my Contact Person : ERU CAKRA : (+6281361153649) . Terima kasih. Thank you. Bye.

You can see my License

License from regional government of north sumatera tourist office

My Licence as Tour Guide or Pramuwisata at Bukit Lawang from Government of North Sumatra Province

Testimoni about Louise Wheeler trekking from United Kingdom while at Bukit Lawang Leuser National Park.

Certificate as Special Tour Guide or Pramuwisata khusus feom Government of North Sumatera Province

Sample of Entrance Permit Gunung Leuser National Park from Direktorat Jenderal Perlindungan Hutan dan Konservasi Alam, Balai Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser, Seksi Konservasi wilayah III, Bukit Lawang, Bahorok.

I am and my ArtVenTour Club very interested maintain and conserve forests and save the habitats of animals and plants.

let's join us we are sure you will say wow.

Dont forget, Contact Person : ERU CAKRA : (+6281361153649)